Sights around

Nei Pori is the last coast of southern Pieria. From here you can easily visit:

1. Mt. Olympus, the mythical mountain of the Gods, which is known worldwide not only because of its connection with ancient Greek mythology but also because of its exquisite natural beauty and its unique ecological features. Mt. Olympus is a protected National Park since 1938. The recreational use of Mount Olympus trails begun in the 1950’s and today there are many routes for the visitors to follow using a dense net of ancient and new trails. All routes are magnificent as the landscape presents many changes. The most popular hiking route includes the European trail E4 which starts from the village of Litochoro and through the splendid Ennipeas Gorge reaches Prionia (1060m) and continues to “Spilios Agapitos” refuge. Not far from Nei Pori is Kato Olympus (Lower Olympus) a completely separate and different mountain. It is a very regular mountain with amazing forests. The road network from Leptokarya towards Karya (24 km) and from Neos Pandeleimonas towards Palaios Pandeleimonas – Palaia Skotina – Kallipefki – Karya (42 km) provides the perfect opportunity to visit many sites on this mountain easily and quickly, such as the old villages and small chapels around them
2. The traditional old village of Palei Pori with the stone-built houses of 17th and 18th century and the byzantine church of Agios Georgios in the central paved square. The road climbing to the village winds its way past rich forests with chestnut, beech and arbutus trees in abundance as well. You can walk outside the village and admire the rich flora and fauna of Lower Olympus and two small chapels. At the traditional tavernas of the village you can enjoy the local cuisine and admire the old mansions. 

3. The venetian  Castle of Platamonas, just opposite Neos Panteleimonas was built in 1204 on a small hill at the foot of Mt. Olympus. The Castle of Platamonas with its impressive Tower is the trade-mark of Pieria area.
4. Paleos Panteleimonas (Old village of Panteleimonas), a gorgeous, traditional and renovated village situated 700 m. above sea level with a unique view to the sea and the coasts of South Pieria. Paleos Panteleimonas village with the narrow paved roads and the renovated stone houses has a unique architecture that differentiates it from other villages. In the central paved square with the venerable plane trees, there is the old church of Agios Panteleimonas, the old school  which was recently renovated and traditional tavernas.
5. The Valley of Tempe, celebrated by the Greek poets as a favorite haunt of Apollo and the Muses, is the ancient name of a gorge in northern Thessaly, Greece, located between Mt. Olympus to the north and Mt. Ossa to the south. The valley is 10 kilometers long and as narrow as 25 meters in places, with cliffs nearly 500 meters high, and through it flows the Pineios River on its way to the Aegean Sea. Here, the visitor can enjoy the nature in all the greatness and admire many species of birds, (herons, flamingos, cormorants).
6. The vast and picturesque wetland habitat/biotope of the north part of River Pineios estuary.
7. Just 9km north of Litohoro is Dion or Dio, a village at the foot of Mount Olympus which owes its name to the important sanctuary dedicated to Zeus (or “Dias”). It is best known for its archaeological site, the Archaeological Museum of Dion and the various cultural events that take place every summer.