Katerini is a city and municipality in northern Greece, the capital city of Pieria regional unit in Central Macedonia, Greece. It has a population, according to the 2011 census, 55,997 inhabitants. It is located on the Pierikos hill, between the Pieria Mountains and the Thermaic Gulf, at an altitude of 14-45 m. And at a distance of 71 km from Thessaloniki and 41 km from the New resources of Pieria.
Tour in Katerini

Katerini - City

Eleftherias Square / Statue of Liberty: At the beginning of the pedestrian street of M. Alexandrou Street, is the historic Eleftherias Square, dominated by the Statue of Liberty, a female figure in an airy dress and raised arms declaring that freedom is a key component of Democracy. The statue, made of brass, was created in 1973, at the expense of the Municipality of Katerini, by the late Pierier sculptor Efthimios Kalevras, winning the first prize in a Panhellenic competition.

Main Pedestrian Street of M. Alexandrou – fountain: The pedestrian street of Megalou Alexandrou Street is the shopping center of Katerini, ideal for relaxation and shopping without the pressure of time. It is surrounded by picturesque cafes, restaurants for all tastes and dozens of shops. At the end of the pedestrian street, in Kouloumvaki square, a marble fountain dominates


Holy Cathedral Metropolitan Church of the Assumption of Katerini: A majestic ecclesiastical Orthodox church that coexists with the historical course of the city, being a spiritual center. Its historic parish was founded in 1858 and the church was founded in 1978

Holy Monastery of Saint Ephraim of Syros

It is the only Monastery in the whole world, which is dedicated to Saint Ephraim the Syrian. It was founded in 1983 as a private women’s sanctuary and two years later, in 1985 it was officially subordinated to the Holy Diocese of Kitros, Katerini and Platamonas.

It is located in the idyllic place “Panagia”, near the village of Kontariotissa.

Overlooking the stunning beauty of Olympus, the forested villages of Pieria, the deep blue shores of Thermaikos, Thessaloniki, but also Halkidiki and Mount Athos in the background, the Monastery is a sacred place, a place of pilgrimage, but also an earthly paradise of nature beauty, architecture and elegance.

The katholikon of the Monastery, of Mount Athos architecture, is located in the center of the east courtyard. It is dedicated to the patron saint of Saint Ephraim and the Virgin Mary, Life-giving Source.

Folklore Museum of the Pontian Union

The Folklore Museum of Katerini was set up by the Pieria Pontic Association, and is housed in a building owned by the Association in the centre of Katerini, Macedonia, Greece, near the Municipal Park. It opened in 1990, following efforts to collect folklore material still in the possession of refugee families from the Pontos who had settled in the Pieria region. The campaign had been carried out by a three-member committee under the supervision of Professors Dimitrios Pandermalis and Nora Skouteri.


The purpose of the museum is to preserve and promote the cultural wealth of the Pontic Greeks. It has some 600 objects of social, folkloric, and historical interest, some of which are extremely valuable.

In the entrance hall there are a large map of the Black Sea, with the major centres marked, photographs of schools and village elders from the towns of Kotyora, Sukhumi, and Kars, and refugees’ personal effects (books, embroidered fabrics, aprons).

The main part of the museum displays a reconstruction of the main parts of a Pontic house: the reception room with divans around a low round table, wall-hangings embroidered with the letters of the alphabet by the unmarried women, and icon-stands, and women’s costumes from Fatsa, Oenoe, and Trebizond. Next to this is the bedroom, with a bed, kilims, rugs, mats, the outfit of a newly married woman from Kotyora, and other furniture. Then there is the kitchen with fireplace, table, cooking utensils, lamps, brazier. Finally, a number of agricultural implements are displayed in a corner, together with a bench of tools of the comb-maker’s trade.